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Extremely solid summary of common cables.
Autodesk Eagle schematic tutorial part 1:
Autodesk Eagle layout tutorial part 1:
Autodesk Eagle library tutorial part 1:
Autodesk Eagle manufacturing tutorial part 1:

General Parts:

Link Description Manufacturer # Manufacturer
[link] 10k Potentiometer: PTV09A-4225F-B103 Bournes Inc

Cable and Header Parts:

I mostly use 0.100″ spaced connectors, which will match the default spacing of breadboards and the connectors on virtually every kind of microcontroller.  Far as I can tell, the cheapest way to get breadboard pin headers is on amazon:

Link Description Manufacturer # Manufacturer
[link] 0.1″ pin header pack, 40 pack M&F N/A Orcity

Here’s a handy series of shrouded, latching headers I’ve used in multiple projects. Molex is the cheapest source for all of these – be careful about picking TE Connectivity, which sources nearly identical parts for a higher cost. 4Pin is just an example, the series goes from 2 slot all the way up to 8+. 

Link Description Manufacturer # Manufacturer
[link] 4 Pin male header (PCB mount), tin plated 0705530038 Molex LLC
[link] 4 Pin male header (cable mount), unloaded 0701070003 Molex LLC
[link] 4 Pin female header (cable mount), unloaded 0050579404 Molex LLC
[link] Crimp female connection terminal, tin, 22-24AWG 0016020086 Molex LLC
[link] Crimp male connection pin, tin, 22-24AWG: 0016020107  Molex LLC

Sourcing the parts for single-slot terminals (like the ones you find on Adafruit jumper wire) is actually way harder. Molex and TE both lack cheap options for this on Digikey so you have to go elsewhere. Here’s some good ones on Pololu, along with a two-pin unlatched option for those two-row pin headers on many microcontrollers. They can be male or female depending on the terminals you load. 

Link Description Manufacturer # Manufacturer
[link]  1 Pin unlatched header (cable mount), unloaded N/A PCX
[link]  2 Pin unlatched header (cable mount), unloaded N/A PCX
[link] Crimp female connection terminal N/A PCX
[link] Crimp male connection terminal N/A PCX